Say It Ain't So!

From Wikipedia-Shoulder pads are a type of fabric covered padding used in men’s and women's clothing to give the wearer the illusion of having broader, and less sloping shoulders.
The Associated Press reported that hotshot fashion designers are bringing back 1980s-style shoulder pads. A fashion bailout, if you will.
Yes, the shoulder pad is back.
What is making it, as a trend in 2009 is accentuated shoulders - but in a much more sculptured, structured way than those 1980's power-suits.
Shoulder pads are one of those little things in fashion that continue to divide people’s opinions. Some cannot stand them and some do. I am one of those who don’t find them flattering at all.
Okay, so we've let leggings and skinny jeans creep back in, and maybe we'll paint our nails neon colors this spring.
Modern women don't have to be fashion slaves, right? Ladies, if you want to augment your shoulders, so be it but don’t let anyone dictate what you should wear!
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