Spot-on With This Trend

Spot the latest trend. It's polka dots.
This perky print is finding its way onto everything this season.
These polka dots are retro with a funky and fun look. This polka dot fashion trend can be worn big or small. In fresh hues such as yellow or fuchsia, they offer a fun element to our sometime serious wardrobe. You can keep it simple with a polka dot blouse or try to go for more polka dots with a dress, or just a touch with an accessory. Black and White
Or add some kick to your chic white summer outfit with a pair of playful print pumps. And what about a flirty dotted bikini? There's a style out there for every budget and every taste level. It seems that this trend will have some staying power; so smart shoppers who opt for dots right now will get a lot of mileage out of them.
This is another fashion trend that should be played down. If you have a polka dot blouse, pair it with a plain black skirt. If you are wearing a polka dot dress, make sure to keep your accessories, shoes and hair simple.
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