"Can you give me a better price?" Who to ask and how to ask for a discount on that fabulous outfit....go for it and haggle!
Spend some time chatting with the salesperson before you ask. They may be more incline to offer a savings. Play it cool and don't let on that you would die without the outfit. Many retailers will beat a competitor's price if you show them a local ad or a printout from an online store. Many retailers pay about 3% on a charge transaction, so offer cash and see if that doesn't induce a savings.
On line retailers also may offer discounts or free shipping. Always check your favorite coupon site. Call and ask for a code or for free shipping. Email a link showing the same item at another online site and ask for a better price. Small to medium size e-retailers are more receptive to haggling than large discount sits.
Women find the thought of haggling as aggressive or just being cheap. Keep these little points in mind: Retailers are used to being asked for discounts all the time. Keep in mind that wealthy people never pay full price for anything. They are generally frugal. It shows that you have shopping savvy when it comes to spending your money. Haggling is a win win for both parties. Retailers want to sell and selling at a discount is better than not selling the item at all.
Negotiate with these little lead ins:
"I like ____. Can you discount it?
"That's not a huge savings. Can you do better?"
"The button seem a little loose (or any damage),can I get a discount?"
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, all they can say is no.

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