Go Green !

Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Let’s be good to our planet and show it some love on that day. Earth Day and every day is a time to act to protect our planet.
You never know it may become a habit.

Just a few green fashion tips.

Soles4Souls is a shoe charity dedicated to helping those in need. As a shoe charity we collect gently worn shoes to donate them to those in need. The donation of shoes gives someone the hope for a better tomorrow. As a shoe charity we collect gently worn shoes to donate them to those in need — it is a great way to recycle shoes. There are many other organizations that accept worn shoes and sneakers.

Say no to those awful plastic bags from the supermarket. Carry an environmental-friendly bag…Check out Envirosax

Thinking about wearing “green?” Stella McCartney presented an elegant, interesting and wearable collection that is - as always – 100 percent Earth-friendly. “The natural environment around me is a huge inspiration. I try to design in harmony with that.”
Look for other designers who are environmentally conscious.

Buy Organic. While natural fibers, cotton, bamboo, etc. are better than man made, it is important to buy organic whenever possible. Yes, they maybe a little more costly.

As I cleaned out my closet a tip came to mind...Take all those pesky wire hangers
back to the dry cleaners. They accept them and reuse them.

Buy vintage. With high-quality vintage or second-hand fashions, you can get new (to you) clothes at bargain prices (sometimes). Vintage fashions help you reuse and recycle…so you don’t have to reduce your shopping habit.

Caring for the earth is good! Don’t think that one person doesn’t make a difference. Be that one person that does make a difference!

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