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The most important rule of fashion are not the clothes you wear, but it does influence the image you portray and how you carry yourself. Being self-confident is all the fashion you need. A positive image makes you look more attractive regardless of what you are wearing, but there are some don'ts that everyone should follow.
Dark colored clothing, light colored shoes.
Or visa versa. Keep your clothing and shoes in the same color family. White and black go with anything, but don't make the mistake of mismatching light and dark colors.
Appearing dirty and sloppy: Always look professional.
Be careful about choosing clothes as they are the first thing people see and judge about us. If you look perfect you can hope for success. First impressions do count. A suit should be worn with classic shoes. Make sure your shoes are polished, out-of-date shoes should be thrown out or kept for other occasions. Frayed collars or cuffs, stains, or sweat stains need to be tossed out. Don't think that it can pass, yes it will be noticed.
Keep your nails clean. Extremely long or uncut nails are a real turnoff, too. Your nails should be groomed and neat.
Dressing too trendy. Don't try to satisfy every trend in one day. Ability to wear accessories is an art; ability to choose accessories is a talent! Less is more. However, any rule has exceptions: colorful accessories will look great with a monotone dress.
Panty Blunders Your G-string sticking out from under your jeans looks anything but attractive. Then there are panty lines, and then there are panty bunches. You want your undergarments to stay under. Choose bodywear that gives a smooth finish underneath your clothing. Check yourself in mirror when wearing flowing skirts, light color, or lightweight pants to make sure you are not to exposed.
Squeezing into a size 6,doesn't mean it fits! Wearing pants or skirts that are too tight at the waist will cause the flesh there to be squeezed, giving even the slimmest women a conspicuous muffin top, make sure your waist area isn't tight, not even snug. Always ensure you pick the right size. Try on the garment to find the right fit.

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flirty girl said...

Oh, my God! That picture is disgusting!! I hate to say it, but I see the high school girls each morning and they all sport muffin tops - the bigger the better....