What’s in the Bag ?

Now is a great time to fly, to be planning your summer vacation. As prices for airfares fall the money that you save on your tickets could be spent on your luggage. Fees from $15 for the first bag to $25 for the second bag is what domestic carriers, are charging, but you can really save by packing your carry-on wisely.

Pack as much as you can into your carry-on. Make the most of it.
Make your wardrobe flexible; Adding accessories can take one outfit from casual to evening,
Colors coordinate your clothes. This is a biggy…to don’t have to bring many outfits this way. Pick one color and stick to it. Plan ahead. Lay out all your clothes that you plan to take and put half of them back. We all know we never wear everything that we take.

Nobody says that you can’t wear some of your clothes on the plane. Wear your heaviest coat or sweater on the plane, leaving room in your carry-on for more important attire.
Make sure that you utilize all spaces. Put the socks in the shoes and roll your tee shirts.
Baggage fees can get heavy. Taking advantage of your carry-on lets you skip the wait for your luggage when you land.
You could ship your bags, which is not cost efficient but they won’t get lost.
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