Best Foot Forward

A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet and their nails. One reason to pamper your feet is to get your toes looking sexy for your summer sandals.
1. Dark shades take almost as long to dry as light ones. A last minute date and your last pedicure was two weeks ago, reach for a light pink or beige polish before darting out the door.
2. Since sandals come in so many colors and materials no single color polish will do. The more embellished the sandal the more neutral the toes. No metallic with metallic. Be daring with conservative shoes. And remember coral goes with anything!
3.For a new look-Next season's biggest nail trend-a matte finish. (Trust us, it's going to be huge!) Simply use your base coat as a top coat to remove the shine of your polish.
4. For all the city girls, we know that walking in flip flops can make any pedicure grimy. Be prepared an keep some cleansing towelettes in your purse for a clean sweep when needed.
5. To avoid the usual blisters and red spots from your new sandals wear them around the house with a pair of thick socks to break them in.
6. To repair chips and nicks, smooth with a buffer and fill the dent with polish. Wait a minute for it to dry, then paint the entire nail with another coat of color; seal with a top coat.
7. Try this oldie-but-goody trick. No steady hand needed when applying polish. Polish nails at night. After your morning shower, when feet are still wet use your fingertip to scrape paint off the skin around your toenails.
8.For extra sensitive areas (like the tops of toes) use a strip of clear medical tape. It prevents friction and is less obvious than a bandage.
9. To get the most out of your pedicure add an extra swipe of base coat, color and topcoat across the tip of the nail. The tips are the first to peel, so you want to reinforce them.
10. Give your feet a facial. Use the same exfoliating glycolic acid peels that once was only reserved for the face. A potent 30% solution can tackle even our most stubborn calluses.
So put your best foot forward with these hints.

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