Calvin Klein's Billboard Too Raunchy ?

A steamy Calvin Klein billboard that seems to show a teenage girl in a threesome - with suggestions of a foursome - is raising eyebrows and ire.
Passersby can't miss the massive, sexually charged ad on a building at Lafayette and Houston Sts. in SoHo, and they can't believe their eyes.
"It's borderline pornographic," said neighborhood resident Lisa Marchese, 36, a marketing specialist who was disturbed by the youthfulness of the models.
"They all look so young, particularly the girl. And to portray them in a threesome - it's just taking it too far."
The ad depicts a topless young woman lying on top of a barechested boy while kissing a second shirtless male.
They're on a sofa, and below them a third male - pants and shirt unbuttoned - is lying on the floor.
Asked about the message in the ad, a Calvin Klein spokesman said the "intention was to create a very sexy campaign that speaks to our targeted demographic."

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