Colorful Sunglasses

Bright frames and lenses are standouts this season. "Colorful sunglasses play up your best features-it's like finding the perfect lipstick"-Selima Salaun, sunglasses designer and owner of Selima Optique.
You want something that makes you feel good and complements your facial features.
Picking the right color is important. Translucent frames work with every hair color and skin tone. This season's "It" color-Purple. There's a version for every face and shape.
Complement your hair color. Blondes can pull off softer shades, while brunettes should go for bold and richer hues, and women with black hair are free to experiment. If you are a redhead, the most important thing is to avoid colors that clash with your hair.
Consider your complexion if your skin has yellow undertones, you'll glow in orange and navy. Cool and olive skin tones are perked up by icy blue, pink and purple. Red looks great on just about everyone.
Sunglasses are must-have fashion accessory, but don't forget to remember you want protection from the sun, and comfort.
Whatever your style-colored wire,round,or funky 80's see what the right pair of sunglasses can do for you.

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