Sunglass Care

"UV protection stickers are not regulated so anyone can put one on sunglasses. If you want to find out if your sunglasses have enough UV protection take them to an eyeglass store (like Lenscrafters) to get them tested-it's usually free. Light lenses work, it's the coating that matters, not the color.
Cheap styles are great to try out trends, but if you spend lots of time outdoors it's worth investing in a pair from a label you can trust.
Clean your sunglasses carefully. Always use an alcohol-free cleaning spray or wipes. Keep your glasses in a case. If you don't you'll risk scratches and cracks. I find hard cases to heavy and bulky. Go for a soft case. soft case

Not only does your car need a tune up but so do your glasses. Take them in to have them tighten and replace pads, etc.
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