Bloomers in fashion again?

Amelia Jenks Bloomer was an United States women's rights and Temperance movement advocate. She created the "Loose Bloomer" for women's comfort.... in the early 1850s (hence the name, a shortening of "Bloomer suit"). The word "bloomers" has meant many different things at different points in fashion history, but today it's mostly synonymous with "knickers," or a pair of baggy undies.
In the 20th-century, they became gym shorts for girls to wear. You will be surprised but bloomers were considered very sexy!
Now they are showing up as summer apparel.

Banana Republic


Sometimes it takes awhile for a trend to become a trend. Hopefully this is one trend that will not be! No one's ever going to convince me to wear puffy bloomers. That would be a fashion crime.
SoHo Accessories

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