Buyer Beware - How to avoid Internet Fakes

Buyer Beware - How to avoid Internet fakes

1. The domain name of the bogus Web site will often be a variation on the designer's name. For example, Christianlouboutin
is legitimate; is not.
2. Be suspicious if there is no telephone number - or a Chinese number with the country code 86 - on the Web site and customer service is by e-mail only. We called a Chinese number on a fake Web site and were kept on hold listening to tinny music. After 10 minutes, we gave up.
3. The bogus sites reassure customers with money-back guarantees, currency converters and a multitude of payment options, but the copy will usually contain grammatical and language errors.
4. If you want an absolute guarantee that a product is genuine, buy from Portero Unlike eBay, this online auction site vouches for the authenticity of all the merchandise it sells. If an item sold by Portero is determined to be inauthentic, it will refund the purchase price as well as any shipping and insurance charges.
5. For more information, check out Harper's Bazaar's crusading Web site fakesareneverinfashion and legal eagle Susan Scafidi's Web site

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