Buyer Beware!

If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Tens of thousands of online shoppers are falling for a variety of fakes flooding the Internet. The goods are neither handmade or exclusive, they are mass-produced in China. Buyer beware...If you find a designer item on the Internet that's priced ridiculously low, no matter how authentic it looks, it's probably fake.
How can you spot a fake?
Seams are not sewn straight.Each stitch should be the same length as every other stitch, it should be in a straight line, and there should be no "over-stitching".
Color is off.
Smells like toxic glue.
Logo is distorted.
White glue is seeping out at the edges.
Stitching is shoddy and thread doesn't match.
Card of authenticity, something that is never included with a legit purchase. The back of the card is filled with grammatical errors and plain gibberish.
With shoes, the right shoe is wider than the left shoe, or the sole is uneven and doesn't sit flat on the ground.
Obviously if the packing slip comes from China.
Be careful! Just because the seller claims it's authentic does not mean that it is.
By the way, those Christian Louboutin shoes pictured are fake...another tell tale sign when the photos are blurred.
For more information check out Harper's Bazaar's crusading Web site FakesAreNeverInStyle and CounterfeitChic
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