Caring for Fashion Jewelry

Trendy jewelry need not necessary be cheap. Some trendy jewelry can be rather expensive. While fashion jewelry is fun and great to accessorize, it is not nearly as hardy as fine jewelry. It will tarnish and look dull easily. It is not very difficult to prevent this though. A little care will do the trick.

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Keep you jewelry away from chemicals like lotions, perfumes etc. Soap may leave residue on the jewelry thus making it look very dull and unattractive. Toothpaste has proven to be cost and cleaning effective. Use a soft baby toothbrush. Products that have acid, alcohol, ammonia and vinegar are an absolute no no as these can corrode and damage your jewelry beyond your imagination.
Read labels to be sure if your jewelry contains pearls or stones that the cleaner will not harm them.

Pieces of buff cloth are very effective in cleaning jewelry that is dirty and dusty. These pieces can be bought at a local jewelry store. Fashion jewelry, especially bracelets, necklaces and chains have a tendency to lose their shine with repeated wear. Immerse your jewelry in some cleanser and then wipe it clean with a piece of soft dry buff cloth and watch the shine return.

While cleaning your jewelry is an important chore how you choose to store it is equally important. Never ever make the mistake of putting all your fashion jewelry into one bag or one compartment of a jewelry box. It is important to remember that while jewelry is stored it tends to rub against one another, thus causing scratches, removing plating etc. Equally important is making sure that the box used to store your fashion jewelry is moisture and dust free. Make sure that all the pieces of jewelry are absolutely dry before they are put in. Moisture can tarnish the metal.
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