The Chain Gang

I'm sorry to be the bearer of unfortunate news: Necklaces just keep getting bigger! The latest trend we've been spotting is even more serious than the ever popular statement necklace-the layered necklace.
Sandra Bullock wore a similarly eclectic-looking necklace to her latest film premiere.

Gather as many different-looking necklaces as you can find. Long strands of faux pearls, chains of differing widths and thicknesses, pieces with charms, stones, whatever you come across. And then start wrapping them all together to form a necklace mess. Let the different layers get very tangled up with one another, and don't worry about making it neat--the more haphazard it looks, the chicer it will be. Wear it with a crisp white button-down shirt or a simple black dress, like Bullock, for it to make the maximum impact.

Multi Metal Necklace
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