First crocs now Vibram Fivefingers !

I’ve been reading about these crazy looking shoes called Vibram Fivefingers. The idea is that these shoes are mimicking walking in your bare feet. Only they protect your feet. These shoes will cushion your little tootsies one and all. Each one of your toes has an individual slot within the shoe. Like gloves for your feet.
They may look strange but if you enjoy the freedom of going barefoot then maybe Vibram Fivefingers are the shoes for you.
FiveFingers shoes are for exercise, play, and for fun. They protect your feet when you are doing sports, bike riding or anything that you would prefer to do barefoot. They would be perfect for yoga !
If not for anything else you get to wear silly shoes that encourage you to wiggle your toes.
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Fabuless Beauty said...

I can imagine that this would leave my feet ticklish!