Sky High Heels

"How does she walk in those?" Six-inch heels used to be just for hookers, but thanks to shoe designers and celebrities, women are still wearing 6-inch heels, strutting their stuff out on the streets.
Stilettos make women look taller, leaner, and in many cases, sexier. There are many reasons to admire them, and it's not just for their incredible balance.
Six inch heels are fun and make a definite fashion statement. If you are going to wear them, you should enjoy them. Four inches is considered the new two inches and are even worn in corporate offices. Just be sure to avoid tiny skirts and tight fitting clothes.
Sick of tottering around in 6-inch platform stilettos, some starlets are scaling back, opting for summer's shorter-shoe trend-cute, easier-to-walk-in sandals and pumps featuring heels that top out at 3 ½ inches.
Dubbed "halfway heels"

Stores are brimming with the foot-friendlier shoes, great news for New York women, who for years have been getting caught in subway grates, wobbling down cobblestone streets, or tripping over cracks in the sidewalks.
Still, some say they'll never give up their heels.
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christina.roy said...

My company, is having a Buy One Get One Free promo and we have lots of leather purses that would go with these shoes.

Please keep displaying these styles, they are gorgeous.