Eyebrow Arch Support

Although it's smart to leave eyebrow issues to the professional, with the right makeup and tools you can fix minor problems yourself. Here are some easy solutions to brow problems.
Too Bushy?

Use a slant tweezer to clean up your brows by removing hairs high above or below the arch. Brush your brows up, and carefully trim only the tips with small, straight-bladed brow scissors. Bold doesn't necessarily mean bushy, so channel your inner Brooke Shields. Clear mascara or brow gel is a great way to tame brows if you don't want to add heaviness, or just to set brows in place.
Wrong color?

A tinted brow gel can temporarily change the shade of your brows. If they are to fair, try a taupe gel, too dark, try one in a warm chocolate. Matching accessories are yesterday's news. But you should still color-coordinate your arches.

It's okay to go bold with your arches as long as they look neat and tidy. To avoid the pain of the pluck, smooth a skin-numbing cream over your entire brow and the surrounding area. Remove the cream after five minutes with a hot, damp compress—this will help the hairs slide easily and painlessly out of their follicle. Now pluck away!
Too Thin?

Eyebrows are like jeans: sometimes a fuller style works best. Put down your tweezers for at least a month. With a eyebrow pencil, draw short, feathery strokes through out your brow and in the same direction as the hair grows.
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