Fall 2009 Shoe Trends

Square toes, crocodile skin, triple-buckles, and bohemian fringing are just some of the things you might not have been expecting to come back into fashion so soon, and yet here they are.
Yes, stilettos are back. Stilettos are streamlined, elegant, and sexy. The higher they are, the hotter they look, but of course they don't offer much support for one's feet.
Platforms and thick heels have dominated the past few seasons; and a number of the major design houses have seen fit to carry them on for Autumn / Winter 2008/09. All those sturdy heels we've just invested in shouldn't go to waste too soon - despite the return of the more graceful stiletto. The definite advantage of shoes with a thick heel is that they're better to walk in; so make the most while you can.
Tapered heels that start thick at the top and taper down, often with a curve, into a stiletto-esque point at the bottom. They're a sexy, interesting and modern style which can really spice up an outfit. Not as much a classic shape, so buy them if you intend to get a lot of wear out of them over the next few seasons.
It was only in recent memory that razor-sharp pointy toes were in. And yet, here they are again. It feels a bit soon, but with stilettos back in the pointed toe was never going to be far away.
It's all in the detail this winter. From buckles to straps to laces to studs, it's all there - as long as it's interesting and unique. Suede makes a strong comeback, as does reptile skin, while mixed materials (combinations of leather, suede, metallics, all on the one piece) are prominent. Boots are anything from ankle to knee to over-the-knee.
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