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Crazy shoes!
Take a look at the heel-less, stilt-like shoes at Nina Ricci. Fabulously creative, right? The sky-high height combines platform and stilettos, adding about eleven inches to the already leggy models. And the careful detailing makes them even more distinctive (not that the shoes need it) — some feature laces, buckles, rhinestones, and satin. From what we can tell, not one model fell, which proves the theory that heel-less shoes are easy to walk in. Now that's the power of platforms. And gravity.

The John Galliano collection is super fierce with the current trend of super high platforms and heels, and bright, glossy, slightly over the top designs.

I believe no comments are needed when you see something like this, but Alexander McQueen's designs keeps evolving.

"The Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 Shoe Collection is more understated than the Spring 2009 shoes, but they are very pretty and more realistic for everyday life." Did I actually read that right?

Crazy shoes,designers can't seem to get enough of them. After the success of spring's statement styles-towering wedges and bondage sandals-the fall collections showed even more daring designs.
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