"Postcards From My Hometown"

Great idea from a fellow blogger, Dreamsequins

When was the last time you sent a friend a handwritten note or postcard through the postal service? And when was the last time you received a note or postcard? In this e-mail/Facebook/Twitter age, I've been nostalgic for my penpal days; when I would look forward to receiving a real letter from a friend and take time to savor it...

I would like to invite you all to partake in my group art project, tentatively titled "Postcards From My Hometown." The rules are simple:

(1) If you would like to participate, send an email to me at dreamsequins(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing address. I will then choose two bloggers at random and send you their contact details.

(2) You will send those two individuals postcards from your hometown (some may be international addresses). Feel free to write as much or as little as you would like on the postcard-- but be sure to leave at least your blog address so that your recipient can make out the sender!

(3) No pressure to participate! All participants, however, will receive a shoutout on Dream Sequins and as a bonus, I will send each person a suitably awesome and kitschy postcard from New York City (probably not as awesome as the vintage image above-- but I'll search for the best ones for you-- promise!).

(4) I will ONLY release your blog name (or whatever name you want to release) and mailing address to two randomly selected bloggers; your privacy is assured!

(5) No need to publicize the project on your blog; but I would love it, if you did! Because it would be great fun to see all these postcards from around the world posted on my favorite blogs...

(6) Deadline to sign up for this project is August 15th. Deadline to mail postcards: September 15th.

So who wants to play? :)
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nookie said...

I'm in this project too,can't wait for the adresses!
I need to buy some pretty postcards!