Fixes for Droopy Earlobes

Filigree Earrings

After years of wearing heavy earrings the holes stretch. (Expensive) surgery can correct the problem, but it's better to prevent it in the first place. There are even some products that can minimize discomfort and help droopy lobe holes.
Standard backs that come with lightweight stud earrings usually hold the earrings snugly against your earlobes, but heavier earrings (like popular chandeliers) pull your earlobe downward.
Replacement earring backs (often called clutches) help keep the problem from occurring.
Try replacing your original earring backs with hypoallergenic stabilizers. A large plastic disc surrounds the metal stud receptor on each back. The discs sit flat against the back of your earlobes, stabilizing the skin and minimizing stretch.
Medical grade adhesive affixes these thin disposable discs to the back of your earlobes. The discs help stabilize already-torn or stretched lobes. Use these stabilizers with post earrings and with wires. Stabilizers aren't a perfect solution, but they do make a difference in earlobe comfort and appearance.
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