Chunky Knits: Women's Fall/Autumn Fashion Trend

It’s not a season for understatement: Here’s another example of going to desirable extremes: chunky knits.
Texture plays a big part in winter clothing in 2009/2010, with the chunkiest of chunky knits keeping us both warm and fabulous. Chunky doesn't have to equal dowdy though - open-weave details are a must-have showing a peep of skin.
The best way to wear chunky knits is to acknowledge their bulk and pair them with more form fitting clothing. If you have a chunky knit sweater, for example, pair it with skinny pants, tights.
Even though you’re petite, you can make chunky knits work. Darker colors tend to work better, and keep the cable-knits to a minimum.
The easiest way to adopt this trend could simply be add a knitted accessory.
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