Lohan Debuts Her Line.

Lindsay Lohan was recently enlisted as an "artistic advisor" for French label Emanuel Ungaro. Lindsay debuted her line for Ungaro (which was co-designed by Estrella Archs, pictured)to critical disappointment. Estrella used to design for Nina Ricci in the past. Today’s report in Women’s Wear Daily on the Paris Fashion Week runway this past weekend, called the line “an embarrassment" and noted that the hot pink and orange clothes looked "cheesy and dated."

There seems to be a wave of celebrities this year trying to become successful in the fashion industry. . Collections should be inspiring and creative. We say leave fashion to the people that know their business...The Designers !
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Michael St. James said...

Yikes! What's Lindsay gonna do now? I mean...she's definitely gonna get fired! Maybe she can get a job at Bebe??? As a sales associate...of course.

SoHo Accessories said...

The gals at Soho really don't know why anyone still follows her.