Louboutin Honors Barbie at 50

In her 50 years, Barbie managed to accumulate 1 billion pairs of shoes. When it came to picking her next pair, the iconic doll wanted to go to one of the hottest shoe designers around, so she chose Christian Louboutin.
The project includes the Barbie-pink, red-soled Louboutin shoes that premiered in Barbie’s birthday runway show during New York Fashion Week in February, a Barbie doll and accessories collection customized by the designer and a diary filled with images of Louboutin and Barbie as they explore the cobbler’s favorite things.

The three dolls, packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes, each come with four pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels. In December, Mattel will unveil Louboutin’s jewel thief-themed Barbie; in February, it will add a safari-themed Barbie, and for May, Louboutin designed a Barbie that goes to the Cannes Film Festival. The $150 dolls will be sold through BarbieCollector.com and at Net-a-porter.com, which is Mattel’s exclusive partner for this project and will be selling dolls for the first time. In September, both sites also will offer a Christian Louboutin Barbie shoe collection of 12 pairs for $40 a set.
I'm not sure that this is the Barbie that you buy for your 7 year-old (as they have a tendency to take off her clothes, and chew on her feet).
I myself don't own a pair of Louboutin's shoes but I'm glad that Barbie now does.
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