Michelle Obama Doll

Coming on Nov. 20: The Michelle Obama action figure. Made by Jailbreak Toys, the 6-inch doll comes with three outfits to choose from, based on real dresses worn by the First Lady: A purple sheath dress from the famous fist-bump moment; a black-and-white dress she wore on "The View," and the red-and-black dress she wore on election night.
Says the company's Web site: "This product is not formally endorsed by or affiliated with Michelle Obama. (But we really hope she likes it.)"
Our bet is “She won’t.” Michelle Obama is a attractive woman not a frightening action figure.
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Michael St. James said...

yikes...not flattering!

Soho500 said...

Those are our thoughts exactly. Michelle is such a strong attractive dynamic woman I can't believe that they couldn't make the doll more attractive,