Books for the Coffee Table!

This fall alone, two new books illustrate the stories of Prada, Louis Vuitton, and they are bigger and fancier than ever, now topping out with Prada’s whopping 708-page book, which costs $125.
The Vuitton book doubles as art, with a limited edition cover by Takashi Murakami in a plexiglass slipcase for $130. Much of it will be easier for the LV layman to appreciate, given that the book is organized like an encyclopedia of all the designers and artists who have worked with the company.
Prada’s book leaves nothing out. Every single store and every design made by Miuccia Prada since 1988 is included. It’s amusing to see all 3,885 runway looks crammed on the pages in thumbnail images, like a cruel taunt to readers of large-print editions. But it starts to feel self-indulgent when you reach the chapter that reproduces, verbatim, the comments of people selling their old Prada merch on eBay, which could also describe the book:
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