Make a Statement !

Black Beauty Necklace

Accessories really make an outfit and statement necklaces are a quick and easy way to update your look. The Recessionistas all know at this time, everyone is trying to save money. Dress up whatever you have in your closet with an outstanding piece. If you're splurging, you want a great piece that transitions from day to night so that you can really make the most of it. Look fashion forward and trendy no matter what you wear: dress up a little white tee, or add some glam to LBD. There is no end to the possibilities.

Shaw Earrings

Big, bold and made to be notice are statement earrings. As with statement necklaces, statement earrings look best with simple outfits. A strapless dress is a perfect backdrop to those draping chandeliers.
Since the earring is so close to your face find an earring with a shape that is flattering to the shape of your face. Longer or thin faces do best with dangle earrings. Round or fuller faces fare better with oblong earrings. Women with a small or receding chin should opt for shorter earrings.
Fashion jewelry is the most cost-effective accessory you can own that changes the look of any outfit. If you do a statement piece, minimize the other accessories, because you don't want too much of a good thing,"

Shaw Green Leaf Necklace

Your statement pieces are totally an expression of you.
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