Online Safety

Cyber Monday, the computer-age version of Black Friday, is soon upon us!
Before you decide to purchase online, here are a few safety tips to observe.
Make sure the site provides full contact info. A street address as well as a phone number. Look on the “Contact Us” or “About Us” pages. If it’s not there, look at the return policy or privacy policy, and see if it mentions a mailing address. No mailing address, no credit card info!
Check out the privacy policy. Good sites should have one. Look for a link at the bottom of the home page that says “Privacy Policy” or for a link on the “About Us”. Read the policy to find out whether the company shares customer info with third parties.
Check out the return policy. Can you return to the brick and mortar store? Online store only, how many days to return? How you paid is how you receive your refund? Or only store credit?
Search for seller ratings on sites such as Yahoo, or go to Google and type in the merchant name and “seller ratings,” or type in the merchant name and “complaints.” If something doesn't look right, try searching for the site at and
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