Mizrahi and QVC

QVC headquarters, is the latest destination of Isaac Mizrahi, the shopping network’s newest and most high-profile fashion recruit. The designer’s “Isaac Mizrahi Live,” slated to make its debut Dec. 4, will feature a wealth of his own favorite goodies, the first installment with a holiday slant. Tonight at his company headquarters, Mizrahi will host a press preview of the far-flung lineup, everything from handbags and berets to toggle coats and sequin Ts to cheesecake, in a launch price range of about $32 to $300. “If you feel passionate about something,” Mizrahi says, “they say, ‘Do it.’
Or bake. Regarding that cheesecake, dressed in tartan no less, it hails from Junior’s and will feature a Mizrahi-mandated chocolate cookie crust, while keeping company with Mizrahi-selected chocolate chip cookies and banana nut loaf.

“I have been building and building and building over the past 10 years. I have been doing a TV show with a lot of cooking segments, working with Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali. It has made me quite good at tasting food. I’ve been a judge on ‘Iron Chef.’”
“I love my product,” Mizrahi continues. “I believe in my product. If I do plates, if I do bedding, which I did, if I render cookies, I do it in the same way that I think about a couture dress. [My approach] bespeaks someone who cares deeply about it, on whatever level.
Now, Mizrahi can’t wait to hit the studio — or studios, as some segments will air from his own headquarters, and some from QVC’s — and take his mass message directly to consumers.
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