Target Holiday Pop-Up Shop Heading to Manhattan

Manhattan still doesn’t have a Target, but it will soon have a Target-To-Go.
Target-To-Go, at Gansevoort and Washington Streets at the entrance of the High Line, isn’t a store or technically even a pop-up shop. It’s a facade and only a facade, with a list of different products to choose from, much like a menu. And like fast food outlets, shoppers will request products by number at the ordering window, saying, for example, “I’ll have a number two.” They will then go to another window to pick up their purchases, which will be wrapped and ready to be placed under the tree.
Target To-Go will run from Dec. 11 to 13, operating between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Similar Target-To-Go events will be held at Mint Plaza in San Francisco, and Georgetown in Washington D.C.
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