Think Outside the Label !!

Tired of carrying a handbag that everyone else carries? It’s no coincidence that Laudi Vidni is Individual spelled backwards. This line is all about individual expression. The two women behind Laudi Vidni are Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu. Laudi Vidni is a luxury bag company with a twist. Its website offers completely customizable luxury bags...but what is really neat about it are the number of customizations (there are over a thousand different bags that can be created from all of the options) and how you can view your designs a full 360-degrees and on a mannequin of varying heights and positions possible. The best part is that you get to watch it being built on the website. It takes 3 weeks for your bag to be custom made for you in Chicago.
Why should women care about a label instead of quality and practicality. The possibilities are endless.
SoHo Accessories

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