Pajamas in Public Places

What seems obvious to me is that pajamas serve as a function of sleepwear. Yet, there seems to a cultural shift. Is it a new fashion statement? A change in social mores? The triumph of individualism? Global or just domestic? I will really need to sleep in the privacy of my bedroom in my pajamas on this one. What are your thoughts?
Read about pajamas in public places: TheHuffingtonPost-DeborahPlummer
SoHo Accessories


Fabulous Over 40 said...

It's getting really disgusting how some people are dressing! I was at the Mall of America the other day and a group of teens/early 20 year olds were in front of me and one was wearing her PJ's and Ugg slippers. She could hardly keep her slippers on while she walked. Rather sad actually.

SoHo Accessories said...

All the kids or young adults are wearing pj bottoms and Uggs...they think they are dressed or don't care.
It must be all or nothing