Ebay's Flash Sales

Ebay won't be the first to do it, but they certainly will be the biggest. The huge online company just announced that beginning in April they will start acting as a clearance house for retailers such as DKNY, Hugo Boss, and Cole Haan. Ebay will hold weekly sales called "Flash Sales" where subscribers will be notified via email of upcoming clearance sales. Buyers can sign in to Ebay and purchase items from these retailers at deep discounts for a limited time.

Taking it one step further, Ebay will also work to create a virtual outlet mall online. Department store Lord & Taylor has already signed up to participate as well as Brooks Brothers.

No doubt this online format for discount sales appeals to today's shoppers who are aggressively seeking out bargains year 'round, as opposed to the usual holiday clearance times.

If we had to guess we'd say Ebay will probably be very successful with this avenue. The brands they will promote are well known and millions of shoppers are already comfortable shopping through Ebay.

Write and tell us: Would you bargain hunt the "Flash Sales"?



Love EBay. Wonderful idea. I'd definitely shop quality items on that site. Marsha

SoHo Accessories said...

Hi Marsha, Be cautious when shopping EBay...if it's too good to be true it is probably not what you think it is.