Fashions of the Olympics-2010

So is everyone watching the Winter Olympics? I get such a thrill seeing all the athletes walk in at the opening ceremony. Best of the dress undoubtedly was the American athletes with their Ralph Lauren uniforms. Did you notice the largeness of the logo? Shame shame Ralph!

Snowboarding magnate Burton has been contracted once again to design the Team U.S.A. snowboarding uniforms. Plaid is so in right now.

Because actual denim and flannel aren't the best materials for being in snow, the coat and "jeans" are made entirely from Gore-Tex to keep the team warm and dry. All in all it's a good look, I think.
Two American hockey's players did a little fashion design of their own.

Miller had "Miller Time" on the back of his helmet on Monday during practice and Jonathan Quick's helmet has "Support Our Troops" adorned on his mask.
According to IOC rule 51, no political propaganda or advertisements are allowed on equipment.
So much for creativity, rules are rules.

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