Modern Day Snake Oil

What doesn't kill you makes you younger!
The latest U.K. beauty craze is a product mimicking snake venom that promises to take years off your looks by freezing your face.
Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum, which hits Henri Bendel and Space NK stores this week, takes a cue from the Southeast Asian temple viper by utilizing a neuropeptide (aptly named "syn-ake") that mildly stiffens facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The real viper's venom paralyzes its prey, but this chic snake oil (which does not include actual venom) also features anti-oxidants and oxygen-carrying agents that promise to plump aging skin and correct rough complexions.
This "Botox in a bottle" doesn't come cheap-$160.
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K said...

Oh goodness. Not sure how I feel about synthetic snake venom on my face! lol

SoHo Accessories said...

Hi K, I would imagine it is like putting any other chemical on your face...The cost of $160 gets me!