PajamaJeans !!!

BY Christina Boyle
It's a fashion must-have for any woman looking to indulge her inner couch potato.
A pair of pants designed to look like jeans - but feel like pajamas - is now on sale.
The aptly named PajamaJeans are made of a mixture of cotton and spandex with a gray jersey lining to provide a snug and relaxed fix, complete with pockets and rivets to give the illusion of trendy denim.
The creators behind this new clothing concept are apparently hoping to capitalize on the success of jeggings - the garment that's part jeans, part leggings.
I'm not so sure that these pants would be comfortable to sleep in, but to hang out in, I'm all for them. Price $39.95
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1 comment:

BellaRose said...

I have to get a pair..trying to resist as when I am to comfortable I tend to overeat. I need the jeans to be good and tight to remind me..