The 'Sweater-kini' at Fashion Week 2010

By Amy Diluna and Joe Dziemianowicz
Yarn't gonna believe this one!

Winter woolens met beach bikini at VPL by Victoria Bartlett yesterday as the designer unveiled new hybrids: the sweater-kini and the sweater onesie.
Good luck taking a dip in one of these bathing beauties.
Firstly, the pool water would surely shrink this onerous one-piece around your body. And HELLO, ever hand-washed a cardigan? You need a forklift just to hang the thing to dry.
Plus, anyone who's ever gotten doused by a rainstorm while wearing a sweater knows that no amount of Chanel No. 5 can cover that wet dog smell.
Should a member of Chewy Chewbacca's family take a vacay in Saint-Tropez, this is the perfect piece.
But for the rest of us, hairy beachwear just looks scratchy, in all the wrong places (why bother getting a Brazilian, just to wrap yourself in hair?).
Knit one, hurl two.

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