Eyebrow Transplant

Would you ever consider getting an eyebrow transplant? Twice as many people are seeking eyebrow transplants this year as compared to last year reported by London's Daily Mail. People who over pluck or have naturally thinner eyebrows have been shelling out thousands of dollars for an operation that restores a fuller brow.
Hair transplant surgery is the only way to restore eyebrows permanently and it's also the solution for those who naturally have very fair or sparse brows. Over 400 strands of hair taken from your scalp are added in incisions to each brow.
Costs are variable between physicians and will generally depend on the amount of hair grafts which are to be transplanted. We heard that it can cost anywhere between $3,000-$5,000.
Be sure to research and select a quality physician with the experience, qualifications, and artistry needed to reconstruct a natural looking eyebrow.

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bobbi said...

I have heard that the results are not what you would want !!! You really need to get someone who specialize in this.