How to Wear These Trends

Grey Pearls and Chains Neclace
Is it possible to wear too many or too few necklaces when you are layering?
In the case of layering, less is not more. Don't be afraid to pile them on! Do be careful to include all different links and all lengths, from 16" to a long 24". Don't go longer, you don't want to trip over your accessories!

Mix Metal Necklace
Also mixed metals are very chic. In other words, use a satin ribbon necklace with a strand of pearls and metal chains thrown in. As always be mindful of your audience- if dressing for work, keep your layers to no more than four.
Mixing metals is a trend that comes and goes and tends to follow the fashion cycle. Mixing metals is one of the easiest trends to follow because most girls can dig into their jewelry boxes and put something together. This is also one of the reasons that layering is so popular.
Both trends are serving us well in these tough economic times because they are so easy to create without buying something new. Now combine the two by layering your mixed metals.