That Little Extra

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Grey Pearls and Chain Necklace
Big Bold Necklaces, the statement necklace has been widely accepted and worn from daytime into evening. We say be big and bold at the neckline this spring with beaded collars, chunky chokers and metal bead bibs. Simple apparel styles get an eye-catching boost with these "not for the timid" styles.

Santa Fe Carnelian
This season it's all about stretch. . Stretch belts offer comfort, style and one-size-fits-all versatility. The waistline gets cinched in, offering soft control to silk, cotton and jersey knit dressing. Whether you choose a skinny or wide style it will add pow to your look.

Hey buddy can you spare a dime? How ’bout a nickel? What if I play you a little tune? This whimsical fedora from Lola Hats made us think of a street performer with his hat on the ground full of coins—an urban, bohemian reference (with some talent behind it.)The fedora has been a favorite silhouette for some seasons now, but these coin-inspired embellishments added just the right amount of whimsy to make it fresh yet still wearable. Lola Ehrlich, we tip our hat to you, as always. Lola’s Hats

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Barb Pruitt said...

LOVE the pearls and chain necklace! what a fashion statement!