Airbase Airbursh Makeup

Judy Naake, who sold her stake in self-tanning brand St. Tropez in 2006, is brushing up on color cosmetics. The beauty industry veteran, along with her son Lloyd Naake, has developed an airbrush makeup brand dubbed Airbase. “When I started with St. Tropez, no one was self-tanning,” said Judy Naake. “I feel this could be as big as [St. Tropez].”
Beauty salons and makeup artists have been using the airbrush unit — which comprises a portable compressor attached to a spray gun — for about two years.
“It gives a flawless, natural finish,” he added, explaining silicone is a key ingredient in the line’s product formulations. “By airbrushing, we’re not pushing product into pores, so it sits on top of the skin.”
Airbase’s lineup comprises the airbrush and compressor, which together retail for 134.95 pounds, or $205.75 at current exchange; five shades of foundation, which may be blended; two hues of blush and a bronzer, each of which sell for 29.95 pounds, or $45.66, per 30-ml. bottle. There is also a primer, which is meant to create a base for Airbase’s other products.
Does that mean we will all look like we step off a magazine cover?

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