Eugenia Kim

I can't wear a hat. I've tried. I go shopping and always stop by to try on a few. After laughing I leave the store empty-handed. But with Eugenia Kim hats maybe I will give it another try! Milliner to the stars' Eugenia Kim adds a hip twist to designing hats.
Kim is the first milliner to design a collection for Target. How did you get into designing hats?
I was working as an assistant at Allure magazine right after college, and I got fired. After I got fired, I cut my hair myself really badly, so I shaved my head. It's really
cold in New York with a shaved head, so I started making feathered hats that looked like hair. That's why my logo is a shaved head. I was shopping in SoHo wearing one of my hats, and the store Bond 07 asked if they could see my collection — so I made one — and they bought it. Then Barneys saw the hats in the window of the store, and it just took off.
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