Jewelry Storage Solutions

It is ideal to keep your fashion jewelry someplace where it is readily available but also storage suitable. We all know that if you don’t see your jewelry or accessories we forget what we have. How many times do you spill out the contents of your jewelry box to find that earring?
Here are a few ideas to help get you organize for the new bling coming this spring/summer season!
If surface area in your bedroom is scarce, try a wall-mounted solution on for size. This cabinet gives you the room you need to organize all your jewelry so it’s easy to find. Best of all, it doubles as a wall-mounted mirror.
Roma Mirror Jewelry Cabinet
Delicate necklaces and bracelets hang beautifully from Jewelry Display Stand

Feeling crafty? Use a cork board with pins on it, and hang the earrings and necklaces off the pins. Decorate a frame for your cork board or cover in fabric. This idea also works with old picture frames as well. To hold necklaces and bracelets, simply screw in some little hooks.
JoyfulAbode has a wonderful post that shows you exactly how to do it !!
For travel these Satin Jewelry Rolls are a must!
Clean your jewelry before storing. Jeweler's cement and glue is used to create many fashion pieces. Never soak in water or use commercial or ultrasonic cleaners. Instead, gently wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth before putting away. Hair spray, perfume and perspiration may cause jewelry to become dull if not cleaned off.
SoHo Accessories

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