Spanx for Men is a Hit!

The verdict is posted Feb.2010 "Thinking that they look good doesn't guarantee that they are what they seem. A new manassories are here, Spanx for men. Yes,I can appreciate not having to look at all the pot bellies around town. For a guy to pluck down $58 dollars for a tee shirt you know he wants to look good, but I guess he is not ready to work for it. It kind of feels like cheating. I guess if us girls can do it so can they."

Spanx for Men has been a huge retail hit.

“We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them,” said Nickelson Wooster, the men’s fashion director at Neiman Marcus, which was until recently the only department store carrying them. (This month Spanx for Men arrived in Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, and at Web sites like “Men may not be talking about it, but they’re buying it.”

This from Calvin Klein is a Boost Butt Trunk-a classic trunk with a hot little secret. Hidden butt support straps to give your rear profile a boost.

The Sculptees Bandit Waist Smoother it the ultimate body shaping undergarment for men. Hides those love handles.
Undergarment trickery has its pitfalls, especially on dates. Men have been known to express surprise when a Spanx-compressed woman disrobes in the bedroom only to reveal a less svelte figure. Now women can complain, too. Has the Spanx for men gone to far?
Reported by NYTimes

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BellaRose said...

Hey everyone wants to look good. I also see that they have underwear that increases the look of the "package"...Too funny!