Statement Earrings

They're big, they're bold, and they're hard to miss! They're called "statement earrings". Shoulder dusters and chandeliers are such an easy a fun way to dress up any outfit and draws attention upward, to a fabulous face, makeup and hair. And with fashion the way it is today, they work for day or night.
We came up with a few guidelines for wearing your statement earrings.
Statement earrings work best when worn with a simple outfit-simple tee and jeans or LBD. No sequins, lame, or other embellishments. Keep your other jewelry simple maybe just a ring and bangles. Just make sure you maintain some sort of a balance and always stay true to your personal style.
Let the statement earrings be just that “a statement”.
You only need one outstanding item per outfit - so let your earrings shine!
Soho Boutique-Gold $24
Susan Shaw Round Filigree Earrings $22
Filigree Earrings $14

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