Men in Heels

"Something is afoot in men's fashion. So steady yourselves, because high heels for the opposite sex are making a comeback... the man-heel.
Men in High Heels: A History. In the days of the Renaissance, clothing was elaborate and fancy. Men's outfits were nearly as outrageous and decorated as women's. Powdered wigs and faces were worn by both genders. Another fashion statement enjoyed by men as well as women were high heels. The heels of yesterday were nothing like the ones today. There were no stilettos, but heels were modest. Men and women who were part of the royal family or who were otherwise titled were more likely to wear fancy shoes.
Fashion Trend? It remains to be seen if the majority of men take to high-heeled fashion. While most guys will prefer their feet to remain flatly on the ground, look for the fashion-forward to bring back this look of noblemen in a modern way..
Men are wearing Spanx (read post below) which according to the NYT is flying off the shelves. and now they want to take my shoes too !!
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