Neckline Styles

Necklines Styles:
This style sweeps across your collarbone to the edge of your shoulders.
Try one or two strands worn close to your throat.

This is a difficult neckline to accessorize with a necklace because most styles will touch the neckline at some point. You may want to consider working with earrings or just a pendant.

This is a high rounded neckline that sits next to your throat.
Most necklace lengths and styles will work well.

Open Collar

Try a chunky necklace that will stand out behind the collar, or have multiple layers underneath
the collar.


This is a U-shaped neckline, multiple strands that fill in the U go well with this style.

Square Neck
An easy curving shape in a choker or princess length should work well.

Anything close to the neck (under 18 inches) works well. Consider a choker or princess style, Y-drop, or pearls. Personally I love big, big chandelier earrings with strapless and no necklace.

Any of the longer strands will work well.

Consider imitating the V lines with a Y-drop, pendant or solitaire. Something simple.
Whatever style you choose make sure that the necklace you are wearing is comfortable. Pick your own style whether it's trendy or traditional.


EZ Duzit said...

this is really helpful! thanks for the post!

Soho500 said...

You are welcome EZDuzit..Look forward to another post coming soon concerning the different lengths of necklaces.