Every day when we sit at our computers we are always amazed by what we find. Here is our latest discovery. Fashion sites offer public feedback on your outfits.
How many times have you been getting ready to go out and wondered, "Do I look good in this?" ...and wished you could ask your friends? How many times have you been in a fitting room and seen someone staring at herself in the mirror... Turning to the right. Turning a bit to the left. Finally asking the sales girl, "What do you think?"
Get an opinion or give an opinion at Fashism Get fashion advice by uploading a picture of you in your new apparel. Add some details about the occasion and others would tell you if you should wear it or not.
Upload a photo of an outfit, and visitors will vote for you to “wear it” or “change it.” on GoTryItOn If you’d rather just judge, skip uploading your own photos and click to your heart’s content on everyone else's and receive honest, anonymous feedback. The site now has 3,000 members and all comments are moderated. The site's owner doesn't allow users to be cruel. It's simply meant to offer advice to avid “fashionistas”. If you'd like to try it out anonymously, the site does have a feature that allows you to blur your face.


bobbi said...

How fun! Now if I can find the time to use this site after I get dressed. I'm also in such a hurry.

flirty girl said...

I think that's a neat idea, but they would have to respond really quickly because don't most of us choose our outfit right before going out?