Sheer Bliss

This trend is about the lightness and breezy feeling of the fabric. It is not about showing what your momma gave ya! The look is ultra feminine and can be very flattering. When done right it is totally sexy. A sheer accessory, such as a scarf or shoe can add interest to an outfit. The see- through blouse is a classic, but don't leave the store without the right undergarment or camisole. Either choose one you want to show off, or one matching your skin tone. If you think that you are showing too much, than you probably are.
Don't spend a fortune. Silk chiffon is expensive and unless its a must-have choose cotton and linen blends which are budget-conscious and lighter than synthetics which can feel hot.

Ralph Lauren
Using sheer chiffon, Ralph Lauren makes his signature romantic blouse look racy. A delicate camisole is a great underpinning for a softer, more feminine look like this.

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